Low-Carb Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – For Under $40

Just in time for the gift giving season, we have brought together the BEST ideas in our Low-Carb Christmas Gift Guide for 2017! We have been scouring the internet all year long to bring you the best gifts this Christmas. You’ll find something for your husband, your friend and even fussy Aunt Clara, all for under $40.

With the silly season upon us and festive decorations all around, it’s time to make that Christmas shopping list. If you’ve been wondering what to get your low-carb friends and family or perhaps what to put on your own Christmas list, then we have some great ideas for you. Scroll down to read our budget friendly Low-Carb Christmas Gift Guide for under $40.

Note – all prices were correct at time of publication.


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1. Low-carb/keto t-shirts from $15.99

For the low-carbers with a sense of humor – that’s all of us…right?




2. Coconut Oil $17.99

A must have for all low-carb and ketogenic diet enthusiasts and a general all round multi-tasking health product. Coconut oil will always be well received by your low-carb pals. Useful for everything from baking to fat bombs, cooking and bulletproof coffee.



3. The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore Paperback $19.22

This is one of my favorite new release books from this year and a great gift for anyone who follows a low-carb lifestyle. Fasting and more commonly, intermittent fasting go hand in hand with a low-carb or ketogenic diet. Many people follow a practice of intermittent fasting and it can break through weight-loss plateaus as well as provide health benefits by simply giving your body a break from constantly digesting food.

Read all about it in this book. The perfect gift for those looking to further improve their health in 2018.




4. LILY’S Chocolate – Super Variety Pack $28.98

Lily’s chocolate is a dream come true for low-carbers. It’s gluten-free, sugar-free, sweetened with stevia and low in carbs. They use non-GMO ingredients and fair trade cocoa. It’s a true gourmet, high quality product for low-carb foodies who appreciate the finer things in life!

The Super Variety Pack includes : Creamy Milk, Almond, Coconut, Salted Almond Milk, Original, Crispy Rice.




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5. Kimera Koffee – Nootropic Infused Ground Coffee $21.95

This is the coffee I have been using to make bulletproof coffee this year. The flavor is smooth and delicious and it contains nootropics (brain enhancers) which provide optimized focus and boost your workouts with improved energy. It’s good stuff…




6. Recipe Books

Every year I add to my recipe book collection – I say you can never have enough recipe books! These paperback books are from some of my favorite low-carb websites and recipe creators!


The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet by Leanne Vogel $19.22 Paperback

The Keto Diet book came out this year and I love Leanne’s approach to keto. Check out her new book with more than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence!

Leanne Vogel The Keto Diet



The Essential Keto Cookbook by Louise Hendon $31.74 Paperback

This is a great all round recipe book which includes a mix of western and Asian recipes.

OR for the digital version which includes some great bonuses click here.






7. Primal Kitchen – Mayo Combo Pack (Original and Chipotle Lime) $19.09

I love these mayos by Primal Kitchen. It’s the first ever avocado oil-based mayo, made with cage-free organic eggs and vinegar. It is free of sugar, gluten, dairy, soy and canola-oil, and non-GMO Project Verified. This is good stuff and a lovely gift for anyone whether they follow a low-carb or ketogenic diet or not!


Primal Kitchen mayo


8. Low-Carb Novelty Mug $12.99

The perfect mug to sip your bulletproof coffee or dairy-free bulletproof coffee from.


I put butter in my coffee low carb mug Tasteaholics

Low carb zone mug Tasteholics


9. Keto Snacks Box $35.99


Who wouldn’t LOVE to receive this box of low-carb, paleo goodies! I love to receive this type of gift as it’s a great way to try some new products that you might otherwise never discover.

Keto Snack Box includes snacks from quality brands such as Epic, Vital Proteins, Primal Kitchen and more.






10. Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottle $39.97

This awesome Kleen Kanteen bottle keeps my coffee warm for up to 6 hours every day. It also keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

I can verify that this is leak-proof bottle, having had it tip over many times in my bag and no spills!


11. Zoodle Maker – Microplane Spiral Slicer $14.50

Spiralizer’s are a staple in any low-carber’s kitchen. This one by Microplane is what I use when whipping up zucchini noodles (check out my video below where I make zucchini noodles in 2 minutes!) to have with my family favorite, low-carb meatballs recipe.


12. Spiralizer 5 Blade $26.99

This is on my christmas list…hint..hint… It comes with 5 different blades so you can spiralize root vegetables like sweet potato or carrots for carb up nights.



13. Beef Bone Broth by Kettle & Fire $19.73

Bone broth is great for keeping your electrolytes balanced and preventing keto flu while eating a low-carb diet. This one by Kettle & Fire is 100 Percent Grass-fed, Organic and collagen-rich.



14. Aerolatte To Go, Milk Frother $15.26

For bulletproof coffee on-the-go, this little gadget does the job. Use it to blend together your coffee, MCT or coconut oil and butter right in your mug or in a travel flask like the Kleen Kanteen above. It’s battery operated so makes travel easy.


15. Spanish 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Box $37.99

You can’t go wrong giving a high quality extra virgin olive oil, whether it’s for a low-carb devotee or not. This olive oil comes beautifully packaged and has a smooth, rich olive flavor. It’s cold pressed, 100% organic and single source Picual olives from Andalusia, Spain.

Great for drizzling over food or making salad dressings.





Something for you (digital books):

While you’re shopping for gifts, this is a great time to pick up something for yourself – for a little holiday reading. These are my favorite Low-Carb eBooks and the ones I reference again and again.


The Keto Beginning by Leanne Vogel $35

This is a great guide for someone who is either starting out on a low-carb diet or just wants a comprehensive reference book.

It includes a 30 day meal plan and my favorite part of the book is Leanne’s diary of her first 30 days on keto. This really helps when you are experiencing some of the trials of the early days of keto!



Tasteaholics’ Keto-in-5 Series $9.99 each or $29.97 for the bundle


These are great if you are new to low-carb and ketogenic cooking or like me, you go for simplicity in cooking. Each book contains 30 recipes that use ONLY 5 INGREDIENTS, have up to 5G NET CARBS and you can make them in 5 EASY STEPS. These books make it so easy to try new recipes without being complicated. They are my kind of recipes!!


breakfast-in-five ebooklunch-in-five ebook

dinner-in-five ebook







I hope you enjoyed our Low-Carb Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – For Under $40.

What are you giving your low-carb family and friends this year? Let us know in the comments…. we’re always looking for new ideas!


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