Healthy High Fat Foods For The Ketogenic Diet


It’s difficult increasing the fat in your diet when you have spent years avoiding it. There are plenty of low-carb foods that you can eat to increase your fat intake without the classic high fat foods like bacon and meats. Here is our list of 11 healthy high fat foods for the ketogenic diet.


11 Healthy High Fat Foods For The Ketogenic Diet*

1. Avocado 77% fat
2. Black olives 79%, green olives 88% fat
3. Macadamia nuts 88% fat (little fat bombs!)

4. Almond Butter 79%
5. Walnuts, brazil nuts 84% fatMacadamia Nuts
6. Cream cheese 88% fat
7. Butter 100% fat
8. Heavy cream 95% fat
9. Sour cream 86% fat
10. Coconut cream 86% fat
11. Olive oil, MCT Oil 100% fat – for cooking, salad dressings. My favorite brand for MCT oil is Bulletproof Brain Octane.

* The foods on this list have a calorie content greater than 75% from fat

Let us know in the comments what other foods you would add to this list of healthy high fat foods for the ketogenic diet.


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